U Shape Noma Corner Protection

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U corner protectors provide performance in transit and reduce damage to delicate corners. They are non-abrasive, are extremely easy to handle and can be used time and time again.Ideal for furniture, glass panes, doors, mirrors, and trickier items such as radiators, safes and antiques. U-tulip protection fits snugly around corners,Manufactured using industry-standard non-abrasive polyethylene foam, easier and quicker to apply than bubble wrap .Highly shock absorbent.

The U Corner Foam profile is a cost effective, cushioned, and flexible foam edge, specially designed for the protection of right angle corners.

The U Corner Foam is made from a blue, low density, polyethylene foam, and the tulip shape allows the profile to lightly grip the product it sits around, protecting the corners and edges from damage.

100mm length each side

  • Dimensions:
    A = Widest opening
    B = Narrowest opening
    C = Side length
    D = Bottom thickness


Units Per Pack

SizeUnits Per PackPrice per unitQuantityAdd to basket
1-4 each5-9 each10+ each
  • 1-4 each £0.24£0.20
  • 5-9 each £0.23£0.19
  • 10+ each £0.22£0.18
  • 1-4 each £0.29£0.24
  • 5-9 each £0.28£0.23
  • 10+ each £0.26£0.22
  • 1-4 each £0.32£0.27
  • 5-9 each £0.30£0.26
  • 10+ each £0.29£0.24
  • 1-4 each £0.42£0.35
  • 5-9 each £0.40£0.33
  • 10+ each £0.38£0.32