• Economical alternative to boxes
  • Easy to use
  • Self seal strip closure

Book wraps are an economical and cost effective postal solution for books of all shapes and sizes. The packs feature a multiscored height adjustment so that many different types of book can be packed. The secure peel and seal strip combined with a tear release strip makes it a neat solution to regular boxes. The strong recycled cardboard provides brilliant protection. The wraps are supplied flat packed in 25’s ready for immediate use.

Length (mm)

Width (mm)


Dimensions (Length Width Height)
SizeUnits Per PackPrice per unitQuantityAdd to basket
1-4 packs5-9 packs10+ packs
180mm 250mm 60mm18cm 25cm 6cm0.18m 0.25m 0.06m7.09″ 9.84″ 2.36″Small25£0.49£0.41£0.47£0.39£0.44£0.37Prices
  • 1-4 packs £0.49£0.41
  • 5-9 packs £0.47£0.39
  • 10+ packs £0.44£0.37
230mm 290mm 60mm23cm 29cm 6cm0.23m 0.29m 0.06m9.06″ 11.42″ 2.36″Medium25£0.72£0.60£0.68£0.57£0.65£0.54Prices
  • 1-4 packs £0.72£0.60
  • 5-9 packs £0.68£0.57
  • 10+ packs £0.65£0.54
270mm 330mm 60mm27cm 33cm 6cm0.27m 0.33m 0.06m10.63″ 12.99″ 2.36″Large25£0.88£0.73£0.84£0.70£0.79£0.66Prices
  • 1-4 packs £0.88£0.73
  • 5-9 packs £0.84£0.70
  • 10+ packs £0.79£0.66