AirPro Green Paper Padded with custom print

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  • AirPro branded PAPER PADDED mailer
  • Digitally Printed to your design!
  • No Set up costs
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • MOQ 1 box per size
  • Uses embossed paper to replace plastic bubble wrap
  • lightweight compared to other market brands

AirPro Green is the environmentally friendly bubble mailer which does not require any bubble film to be protective! Paper bubbles do the job

Our innovated embossed paper inside the bag provides cushioning that protects pressure sensitive items from impact. Completely without plastic this cushioned mailer scores with its environmentally friendliness, strength and lightness.

We are pleased to be able to offer the facility to digitally print & brand your mailing envelopes with a minimum order of as little as one box. Our unique machinery allows printing to be set and handled in a timely manner with no set up costs.



This product can be purchased without customisation.

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Length (mm)

Width (mm)


Dimensions (Length Width)
Pallet QuantityColourSizeUnits Per PackPrice per unitQuantityCustomise
1-4 packs5-9 packs10+ packs
265mm 180mm26.5cm 18cm0.265m 0.18m10.43″ 7.09″24 BoxesWhiteD/4100£144.00£120.00£72.00£60.00£50.40£42.00Prices
  • 1-4 packs £144.00£120.00
  • 5-9 packs £72.00£60.00
  • 10+ packs £50.40£42.00
340mm 230mm34cm 23cm0.34m 0.23m13.39″ 9.06″15 BoxesWhiteG/7100£180.00£150.00£90.00£75.00£63.00£52.50Prices
  • 1-4 packs £180.00£150.00
  • 5-9 packs £90.00£75.00
  • 10+ packs £63.00£52.50