• E Commerce boxes
  • Compatible with Royal Mail PiP
  • Integral lid & fold over sides
  • Flat packed in strong reliable single wall corrugated

With the rise in ecommerce business and with companies looking for a more presentable solution than mailing bags or standard cardboard boxes, brown postal boxes are the ideal solution. This simple yet effective design is very popular and would also benefit from our custom printed logo tape, great for ensuring goods are secure and for brand recognition.

Perfect when needing to send a variety of items in a professional box, our brown postal boxes are made from high quality single wall cardboard material. They can be used in conjunction with bubble wrap and void fill to secure products inside, or use coloured tissue paper for a more presentable solution.

Lightweight but sturdy, these boxes are great for keeping costs down. All styles of box have proven an extremely popular choice for e-commerce, mailing and fulfillment companies. All sizes in this range are delivered flat-packed, minimising the amount of space required to store them and making them easier to handle.

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)


Units Per Pack

Dimensions (Length Width Height)
SizeUnits Per PackPrice per unitQuantityAdd to basket
1-4 packs5-9 packs10+ packs
200mm 120mm 50mm20cm 12cm 5cm0.2m 0.12m 0.05m7.87″ 4.72″ 1.97″Small10£0.48£0.40£0.46£0.38£0.43£0.36Prices
  • 1-4 packs £0.48£0.40
  • 5-9 packs £0.46£0.38
  • 10+ packs £0.43£0.36
222mm 160mm 20mm22.2cm 16cm 2cm0.222m 0.16m 0.02m8.74″ 6.3″ 0.79″A525£0.30£0.25£0.29£0.24£0.27£0.23Prices
  • 1-4 packs £0.30£0.25
  • 5-9 packs £0.29£0.24
  • 10+ packs £0.27£0.23
270mm 180mm 80mm27cm 18cm 8cm0.27m 0.18m 0.08m10.63″ 7.09″ 3.15″Small10£0.78£0.65£0.74£0.62£0.70£0.59Prices
  • 1-4 packs £0.78£0.65
  • 5-9 packs £0.74£0.62
  • 10+ packs £0.70£0.59
322mm 229mm 20mm32.2cm 22.9cm 2cm0.322m 0.229m 0.02m12.68″ 9.02″ 0.79″A425£0.42£0.35£0.40£0.33£0.38£0.32Prices
  • 1-4 packs £0.42£0.35
  • 5-9 packs £0.40£0.33
  • 10+ packs £0.38£0.32