Understanding Document Enclosed Wallets

Document enclosed wallets are commonly used to attach your paperwork or invoices to your parcel. You will, depending on size, fold the paper and slide into the wallet then peel off the backing paper and attach. Once attached pull back the lip and peel this off to seal in the paperwork.

All wallets come in standard sizes A7, A6, A5, DL, and A4 and are available in a plain and printed ‘document enclosed’ version.

Document Enclosed

All standard size wallets take an A4 paper sheet either folded 3 times for DL, in half for A5, into quarters for A6, and into 8 for A7.

You can buy these in standard boxes of 1000, but at Packaging First we understand our customers sometimes don’t have the need for full boxes of 1000. So why not call us on 01277 363656 and ask for smaller packs of 500, 100, or even 50.

We can also provide you with a custom solution, whether that is a printed logo or text, it can be put on your own document enclosed wallets. Just call us to discuss your options.