Understanding Bubble Wrap

We all use it in everyday operations, but we thought that it would help if we produced a definitive fact sheet so everybody knew the facts about Bubble Wrap.

Benefits of Bubble Wrap:
• Light weight – reduces freight and packaging costs
• Transparent – enabling visual inspections of the product
• Moisture resistant
• Protecting surface against abrasion
• Easy to use
• Good insulation properties
• Elastic and strong
• Multiple use
• Easy to trim by hand tools and trimming machines

box covered by bubble wrap for protection

How Bubble Wrap Packaging is Made?

  1. Bubble wrap starts as polyethylene (plastic) resin, in the form of beads about the size of pea gravel.
  2. The beads go into an extruder – a long cylinder with a screw inside that runs its entire length.
  3. As the screw is turned, heat builds up and the resin melts into a liquid that is squeezed out of the cylinder into two stacked sheets of clear plastic film.
  4. One layer of the film is wrapped around a drum with holes punched in it, and suction is applied drawing one web of film into the holes that form the bubbles.
  5. The second layer of film is then laminated over the first so that when the two films are joined, they stick together and trap the air in the bubbles.

Product specification

Bubble wrap which protects items during shipping and for storage are generally available in different types and sizes. This depends on the size of the object being packed, as well as the level of cushioning protection needed.


  1. Bubble bags: Quick & easy to use, ideal for faster wrapping and protection of general purpose items
  2. Antistatic bubble bags: Used to protect sensitive electronic parts and components from static damage
  3. Lightweight/standard bubble wrap rolls: Used for cushioning lightweight products, interleaving and surface protection
  4. Medium duty bubble wrap rolls: Used for cushioning of medium weight products, interleaving and surface protection
  5. Heavy-duty bubble wrap rolls: Used for cushioning heavier items such as shipping motors, compressors, valves etc.
  6. Bubble mailers or Bubble envelopes: Used to protect CD’s, DVD’s, jewellery, antiques & valuables in shipping

Bubble diameter: 6mm (0.25”) to 25mm (1”)

Bubble height: up to 4mm

Options for Bubble Bags/Wrap

  • Adhesive bubble wrap – ‘Adhesive bubble wrap’ has an adhesive backing that sticks to virtually any other surface
  • Cohesive bubble wrap – ‘Cohesive bubble wrap’ is similar to adhesive bubble wrap, but it sticks only to itself
  • Antistatic bubble wrap – ‘Antistatic bubble wrap’ is made from a special blend of plastic that provides protection for electronic components that may be damaged from static discharge.
  • Biodegradable Bubble Wrap – ‘Biodegradable bubble wrap’ is an innovative and environmentally friendly protective packaging solution. Once decomposition has occurred, the only by-products that remain are small amounts of CO2, H2O and biomass that serve as nutrients for soil microbes – no pollution, no landfill!

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plastic bubble wrap close up