Find out about how we can help your business. We offer many services to help reduce cost, find alternative solutions and reduce waste. We want to help you find better ways of packaging.

We have many years’ experience in serving our customer base. This helps when we need to look at the ways items are packaged. Our principles of providing first class quality at the best price possible means we will often look at ways to package items that you haven’t thought about before.

We source from all over the world, giving us the best possible product selection to suit everyone’s needs. We extensively test all products before putting them on the shelf, so that we know you are getting exactly what you ask for.

We run many inventory management solutions, for customers of all sizes. We hold stock to be called off thus allowing you to take advantage of wholesale price reductions. We can also offer short term storage with small weekly call offs to suit lower volume customers.

We run a range of lorries delivering in the local area, with a small van assisting where necessary. On top of this we operate on a parcel courier and pallet courier network to reach all areas of the UK.

In addition to looking at how you are packaging products we also operate a design service, where we can take a new product and input it into a CAD system which will allow us to design bespoke fittings and box sizes to utilise space. We have access to graphical design for artworks and print layouts to help in setting out your ideas onto your packaging.