Strapping and Tools

Strapping Tools and Accessories

Strapping wouldn’t be complete without the need for tools and accessories and we stock a wide range in single and kit form. The most common tools are sealers, tensioners and crimpers, combination tools, cutting aids, trolleys and dispensers. All of these can be bought separately or together in one of our handy packs. Each kit provides the basics for getting started. As well as the tools we also stock a selection of seals depending on the product specification.

  • Different seals for all types of strapping
  • Variety of tools available
  • Robust design
  • Kits also available
Size Units per Pack Price per Pack Number of Packs
1-4 5-9 10+
12mm PP Mobile Strapping Trolley 1 £98.26 £93.35£88.43
12mm PP Strapping Combination Tool 1 £112.50 £106.88£101.25
12mm PP Combi Strapping Kit 1 £104.32 £99.10£93.89
12mm PP Combi Kit & Trolley 1 £195.00 £185.25£175.50
12mm x 25mm PP Strapping Clips 2000 £11.82 £11.23£10.64
13-19mm Steel Strapping Sealer 1 £39.76 £37.77£35.78
13-19mm Steel Strapping Tensioner 1 £83.26 £79.10£74.93
13-19mm Mobile Steel Straping Trolley 1 £166.50 £158.18£149.85
13mm x 25mm LapOver Steel Strapping Clips 1000 £18.76 £17.82£16.88
16mm x 25mm Lapover Steel Strapping Clips 1000 £23.26 £22.10£20.93
19mm x 25mm Lapover Steel Strapping Clips 1000 £28.12 £26.71£25.31