Postal and Courier

Self Adhesive Corrugated Paper

They have been specially designed with a latex coating on the inside to ensure a quick, simple and highly effective process. The Cold Seal material comes pre-prepared for wrapping around products of all sizes up to 6 meters long. Cold Seal materials provide an environmentally friendly material, as the continuous roll ensures there is very little wastage.

This process improves your environmental performance and at the same time provides a cost effective solution. 

The result is a custom-made protective package that fits snuggly to pack contents, avoiding slippage or movement of goods during transit.

  • Perfect for sending out all sorts of items
  • Sticks to itself so no need to tape
  • Fluted corrugated gives product protection
  • Rolls are available as a bespoke enquiry
Size Units per Pack Price per Pack Number of Packs
1-4 5-9 10+
Self Adhesive Corrugated Roll 360mm x 100mts Roll £53.88 £51.19£48.49
Self Adhesive Corrugated Roll 450mm x 100mts Roll £66.05 £62.75£59.45
Self Adhesive Corrugated Sheet 400 x 530mm 100 £90.76 £86.22£81.68