Polythene Products

Polythene Top Sheets

Pallet top sheets are to be used when covering pallets for transport, storage or protection. The sheets neatly fit over the top of a pallet and hang down so that they can be stretch wrapped over the top. The sheets are centre folded on rolls and can be pulled off easily and are made from durable LDPE polythene material.

  • Made from high quality LDPE polythene
  • Perforated on roll
  • Easy to tear off and use
  • Folded for easy storage
Size Units per Pack Price per Pack Number of Packs
1-4 5-9 10+
900/1800 x 1800mm x 50mu 150/Roll Roll £62.88 £59.74£56.59
900/1800 x 1800mm x 20mu 250/Roll Roll £55.60 £52.82£50.04