Polythene Products

Pallet Stretch Film (Flush Cores)

Pallet wrap (or stretch film) is a strong polythene film supplied on rolls. It is used to protect products and to hold them down onto pallets for storage and shipping. There are two different types of film; blown and cast. The blown film has a tacky edge which clings to it when wrapped. Cast film is made without the tacky side which means it has ultra-high clarity and increased tear resistance.

We supply a clear film as standard but also a black film for security purposes. The thickness of film ranges between 17 micron and 34 micron depending on the weight and stability of the load.

Two types of core are also available – flush and extended, this gives the option of using the film by hand or on a dispenser tool.

  • Flush cores to fit on dispenser
  • Cast and blown film available
  • Black and Clear film options
Size Units per Pack Price per Pack Number of Packs
1-4 5-9 10+
400mm x 300m 17 mic flush cast 6 £34.80 £31.64£28.76
400mm x 250m 20 mic flush blown 6 £30.24 £27.49£24.99
500mm x 250m 20mic flush blown 6 £38.40 £34.91£31.74
500mm x 250m 23mic flush blown 6 £45.48 £41.35£37.59
500mm x 250m 25mic flush blown Black 6 £47.76 £43.42£39.47
400mm x 200m 34mic flush blown 6 £44.52 £40.47£36.79