Protective Packaging

MinipakR Air Pouches

This small machine produces five different types of air cushions on demand to meet all your protective packaging needs. It is a great alternative to traditional packaging materials like bubble, loose fill or paper.

The versatility of MINI Pak’r and the choice of five different air pillows can cope with the three most common packaging applications: voidfill, wrapping or multi-use. The various cushion sizes adapt to the sizes of packages and the most diverse products.

  • Produces material on demand
  • Five different cushions through one machine
  • Table top or wall mount possible
  • Reduces bulky storage
Size Units per Pack Price per Pack Number of Packs
1-4 5-9 10+
MinipakR Novus Supertube 400 x 150mm x 200m 1 £73.50 £66.82£60.74
MinipakR Novus Quilt 400 x 150mm x 200m 1 £73.50 £66.82£60.74
MinipakR Cell-O Cushions 200 x 130mm x 325m 1 £57.00 £51.82£47.11
MinipakR machine 1 £1,598.40 £1,453.09£1,320.99