Polythene Products

Machine Stretch Film

Unlike hand stretch film rolls, machine rolls are for use on large scale automatic wrapping machines. They provide an excellent efficiency and with many different options the film can be used for almost any application. Machine wrap comes in a standard or pre-stretch option. The pre-stretch option is for films that have been stretched before being used through the machine. We carry the 240% stretch option for this type of machine.

Our machine rolls are manufactured from cast 7 layer LLDPE film, the highest quality around. The stretch % is also all guaranteed.  We are able to supply a wide range of films in bulk if required, please get in contact for specific information.

  • Premium quality machine operated stretch film
  • 16kg reels also supplied in pallets of 46 rolls
  • Power pre stretched film available
Size Units per Pack Price per Pack Number of Packs
1-4 5-9 10+
500mm x 15my 150% Stretch Roll 16kgs £39.46 £37.49£35.51
500mm x 20my 150% Stretch Roll 16kgs £38.38 £36.46£34.54
500mm x 23my 150% Stretch Roll 16kgs £38.38 £36.46£34.54
500mm x 23my 240% Stretch Roll 16kgs £41.64 £39.56£37.48