Understanding Tyvek Envelopes

Only envelopes made of DuPont Tyvek offer the combination of lightweight versatility and excellent print quality to protect important documents while enhancing your company image.
Tyvek is a truly innovative material that delivers better, smarter solutions for every type of mailing and storage.

Unsurpassed protection of your important or confidential documents.

Tyvek envelopes are super tough synthetic envelopes, perfect for heavy duty and irregular items e.g. folders, manuals, textiles and spare parts. Lightweight Tyvek envelopes feature a high tear resistance and a self seal strip.

Document Envelopes

Tyvek envelopes are:
· Lighter than paper but considerably stronger
· Tear resistant combined with puncture and burst resistant
· Water and moisture resistant
· Recyclable
· Flexible and easy to write on

Tyvek envelopes set themselves apart from other envelopes with all the above qualities to enhance your company’s corporate image. So when you think about it why choose any other envelope than Tyvek envelopes