Understanding Polythene Bags

Plain Grip Seal

We have an extensive stock of clear polythene bags in 3 standard grades, light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.

All our bags are made from 100% virgin, high clarity, low density polythene film.

Each bags dimensions are internal and measured width (opening) x length.

Our light duty bags are made from 100 gauge polythene (25 micron). The bags are commonly used for light weight items without sharp edges, such as clothing.

Our medium duty bags are made from 200 gauge polythene (50 micron). The bags are commonly used for collating items and can have some rough edges.

Our heavy duty bags are made from approx 400 gauge polythene (100 micron). The bags are commonly used for metal items and can handle fairly sharp edges.

All our bags are suitable for use with food

These bags can be sealed using a heat sealer or tape.

Grip seal bags are your basic polythene bag with a resealable grip top. They are used in many ways and help because you can use them over and over again. They are perfect for storing small items and separating goods.

Our grip seal bags are made from 180 gauge material and have a super lock top that seals the bag, these bags are considered to be watertight although not guaranteed. We also stock write-on grip seal bags which have two white stripes across the bag that can be easily written on. All grip seal bags can be reused and are suitable for food use.

Grip seal bags are available in a number of stock sizes. Custom printed options are available although a bespoke enquiry would need to be submitted.

Polythene Bags