Understanding Envelopes

As we now stock a range of office envelopes as well as Tyvek, we thought it would be best to outline a number of the most important things so that you can decide just what to buy!

envelopes sizes for paper

Envelope sizes.
The sizes range from C0 to C7, with a DL option. Some of the most common are as follows:

C3 – 324 x 458mm
C4 – 229 x 324mm
C5 – 162 x 229mm
C6 – 114 x 162 mm
DL – 110 x 220mm

– The C4 size you can fit in a flat sheet of A4 paper or A3 folded in half.
– The C5 size you can fit in a flat sheet of A5 paper or A4 folded in half.
– The C6 size you can fit in a sheet of A5 paper folded in half.
– The DL size allows you to fit in a sheet of A4 paper, folded in three, or A5 in half.

To couple this, the envelopes are available in either White or Manilla (Brown) depending on your requirements. Some of our range also carry a window to help with addresses and labelling.

Next, is paper weight for the envelope. The major paper weights are outlined as below:

  • 80gsm – Common and cheapest, this is normally good for many office applications
  • 90gsm – The most common type of paper, this is usually capable of all office applications with more than one sheet of paper being held
  • 110gsm or more – This is for the most luxurious of envelopes, such as birthday cards

Tyvek is completely different to any of the above due to the material and fibres in the paper. 55gsm is common for Tyvek and it is regarded as being 5 or even 10 times stronger than the most common of papers.

Please don’t hesitate to look at our full range of envelopes. We also stock Tyvek. If you are unsure we can always help with all sorts of advice and we also have a range of samples available so that we can provide you with the exact solution you want.