How to guides

How to seal a cardboard box
Before you put anything into a cardboard box, you should tape up the bottom of the box.  If you don’t, and only fold the bottom of the box flaps over each other, the box could collapse when lifted.  You don’t want your best china in pieces all over the floor!  Never interlock the flaps of the box as it reduces the strength of the box. Read more>


Understanding Pallet Stretch Film
There are two main types of hand held pallet wrap. They are known as Blown pallet wrap and Cast pallet wrap.

Blown pallet wrap is a robust material with good memory, this film works very well in low temperatures. Blown film in comparison to Cast will have a slightly milkier appearance but still remain clear. If you require a film to fully cover your contents then choose a coloured film such as BLACK. Blown film has a high degree of tack to itself and therefore creates a very stable pack. Colour options are available dependent on quantity. Read more>

Understanding Bubble Wrap
We all use it in everyday operations, but we thought that it would help us all if we produced a definitive fact sheet so everybody knew the facts about Bubble Wrap. Benefits of Bubble Wrap:

Light weight – reduces freight and packaging costs Read more>


Understanding Envelopes
As we now stock a range of different office envelopes as well as Tyvek, Securitex and others we thought it would be best to outline a number of the most important things so that you can decide just what to buy!

Firstly, envelope sizes… Read more>

Understanding Bubble Lined Envelopes
Bubble lined bags are most likely to appear through your letter box with a valuable eBay delivery, CD from play or Amazon book. They are the core of the mailing business. We have a great selection of these bubble lined bags in stock, with a choice of Gold or White paper depending on your target audience. Read more>


Understanding Polythene Bags
We have an extensive stock of clear polythene bags in 3 standard grades, light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.

All our bags are made from 100% virgin, high clarity, low density polythene film.

Each bags dimensions are internal and measured width (opening) x length. Read more>

Understanding Document Enclosed Wallets
Document enclosed wallets are commonly used to attached your paperwork or invoices to your parcel. You will, depending on size, fold the paper and slide into the wallet, peel off the backing paper and attach to parcel. Once attached pull back the lip and peel this off to seal in the paperwork. Read more>

Understanding Tyvek Envelopes
Only envelopes made of DuPont Tyvek offer the combination of lightweight versatility and excellent print quality to protect important documents while enhancing your company image.

Tyvek is a truly innovative material that delivers better, smarter solutions for every type of mailing and storage. Read more>