Bespoke Bottle Packaging

October 30, 2017 10:39 am

Project Brief

Our customer had a problem stopping bottles breaking in tote boxes.

As the tote boxes can have various items placed in them including boxes and other bottles this increased the possibility of breakages occurring. The bottles would roll together during carriage and break causing damage to the other items in the tote box.

Some totes could have up to £1000 worth of stock which would be scrapped if the contents of the tote was infected by the fluid from a smashed bottle.


The Solution

The solution of an all bubble bag had been used for some time but these had two issues, the bags were sometimes filled with multiple bottles allowing the glass bottles to smash together and the bags were not sealed allowing the contents to spill into the tote:

  • The Elastowell recycled sleeve was used to protect the bottles
  • A universal sleeve 120 x 150mm was found to fit bottles from 100ml to 600ml
  • The sleeve is easy to open
  • Quick to cover the bottle
  • And once over, the bottle grips the surface thus forming a cushioned corrugated outer

The sleeve is made from recycled material


This sleeve can be purchased from our website in boxes of 100 from the following link